Neuro Life Coaching Program

Close the Neuro Gap Between You and What You Want

Neuro Life Coaching Certification

After only 5 minutes with a client you will understand where they are stuck and how to support them because you have a formula for that!

16 Weeks ┃ Online Video & Study Guide Course ┃ Weekly Trainer Group Calls ┃ Online Live Q/A with Angela ┃ One Free Personal Session with a Lead Trainer

  • Difficult life concepts put into fun-sized digestible formulas
  • Learn how to neurologically wire habits & strategies into your client’s daily life
  • Learn proprietary techniques that wire in neurology and change belief systems and body chemistry in just a minute a day
  • Create measurable results for yourself & your clients in performance, money, health, relationships & living your purpose!
  • Eliminate the overwhelm of daily life & transformation

Course Titles Include:

  • The Five Phases of a Coaching Session
  • Motivation vs Inspiration in Coaching
  • How To Accomplish Anything You Want in Everyday Life
  • The 10 C’s of Joy & Progression
  • How To Build Your Coaching Business To Consistent 4 Figures/Month
  • And many more!

Rewire Certification

Rewire Your Neurology, Energy, & Emotions

14 Weeks ┃ Online Video & Study Guide Course ┃ Bi-weekly Trainer Group Calls ┃ Online Live Q/A with Angela ┃ One Free Personal Session with a Lead Trainer

  • A proprietary program spanning from chakras to emotional processing to neurology (and 23 other techniques!)
  • Learn the best results-oriented methods without spending the money and time to take dozens of courses.
  • Create real results in a session for your clients by applying a system that takes a client from A-Z in 60 minutes applying all your knowledge.

Course Titles Include:

  • Just One Minute a Day to Measurable Results (For You & Your Clients)
  • Teach Them How To Fish: Creating Self Reliant Clients
  • Using the Master Targeting System to Interrupt Patterns
  • Expanding REWIRE for New Modalities
  • And many more!

Neuro Life Design Certification

Learn how to wire into your brain the goals and dreams of your heart!

12 Weeks ┃ Online Video & Study Guide Course ┃ Weekly Trainer Group Calls ┃ Online Live Q&A with Angela

  • Creating the energy & neurology of your most sincere dreams.
  • Discover the solutions to  the most common mistakes people make when they are creating and manifesting.
  • This is not another “vision board” course; this utilizes the best of up-and-coming neurological research to transform your life!

Course Titles Include:

  • 911 Creation: What to Do When It’s Just Not Working!
  • Creation vs Control
  • Creation for Christians: Partnering With God in Creating Your Life
  • And many more!

Restructure Tapping Certification

Restructure your emotional and neurological experience around the events of your life with a tool you can take anywhere, anytime!

10 Weeks ┃ Online Video & Study Guide Course ┃ One Free Personal Session with a Lead Trainer ┃ Online Live Q&A with Angela

  • APA study show a 93% cure rate for PTSD in 6 visits for similar EFT tapping modality
  • Clear the limiting coping mechanisms from the events
  • Learn a domino technique to clear an original trauma & not go into the “story”
  • Neutralize the stress around traumatic events

Learn to Create Lasting Results For:

  • Success & Money
  • Food Cravings
  • Trauma & Stress
  • Children & Teens
  • Physical Pain
  • Athletic Performance
  • Phobias & Fears
  • Relationships
  • Habits & Goals

Brain Coach ADD Certification

Understand how to alleviate & rewire the symptoms of ADD & learning disabilities in a child and family.

(Prerequisites apply – further details available upon request)

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