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We’ve met thousands of women who can’t understand why their daily lives now feel like a chore. They’re overwhelmed with to-do lists, stress, relationships and work – and nothing gets better. Day after day, their spirit is eroded and happiness seems to move further and further away.

At Life Solutions, we believe happiness is based on physical and emotional Safety, achieved by redefining Worth and reclaiming Power. We use neurology and emotional processing patterns to recognise and articulate what the source of the problem is. Then we work with clients to step with sure feet along the path towards lasting, positive change.

Meet Angela

I founded Life Solutions after a lengthy bout of Destination Disease. I was working 80 hour weeks, seeking validation from everyone but myself and God, and constantly working harder than my body and spirit could endure.

I carried this burden alone, desperately working to be ‘good enough’. Worse, I was nice ALL THE TIME. No matter what, the smile on my face never slipped. Underneath, I was in a constant state of despair.

My situation became so bad that my body snapped and I was diagnosed with a severe case of fibromyalgia – which in layman’s terms means ‘my body was broken without being broken’. There’s no cure for Fibromyalgia, because according to the tests, nothing is wrong.

There’s just constant, searing pain.

I was in a wheelchair, unable to care for my children or family. Even the bedsheets were like sandpaper to my skin!

My heart at age 27 was behaving like a 90 year olds and I felt myself dying.

Then I flipped the hourglass over and decided that God wasn’t ready for me yet. This was a test I was going to pass.

I studied “whole-listic” health, I learned the truth about what had done this to me. Over the next few years, little by little, I put myself back together, now as a single mom.

about angela bell

As a priority, I built a foundation of security for myself and my children, a place where we could pull miracles to us. With my sense of Worth, Power and Safety re-established, I was able to embrace tranquillity.

From that point, my freedom grew to encompass a new, amazingly joyful life.
My faith, my family and an extensive network of dear friends and colleagues combine in perfect harmony as I build a thriving company and savor opportunities at every turn. There are no experiences beyond me, personally or professionally, and not a single scar of my past holding me back. My peace brings prosperity and progress.

Now with thousands of hours of personally tested learning behind me, I created the Life Coaching system I wish had been available when I needed it.

There is nothing like Life Solutions out there. Hundreds of clients have experienced tremendous change that affected every aspect of their life. No other coaching goes as deep or is as life-affirming. No other system could have saved my life.

Our clients experience such positive results; several have gone on to become Life Specialists themselves!

Begin your journey today!

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