Close the Neuro Gap
Between You and What You Want

Angela Bell

Neuro Life Coach + Creator of Triumph Life Coaching Certification

Angela Bell has been a Neuro Life Coach for over 10 years.   She has built a 6 figure coaching company helping moms, pro athletes, and entrepreneurs rewire their brains to new levels of triumph.

Her specialty is making Super Truths into bite-sized techniques that you can do in 1 minute a day.

She has certified over 40 coaches in her unique proprietary system which has helped hundreds of clients nationwide.

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Angela Bell

Meet Angela Bell

Angela has worked with hundreds of women, from CEOs to SAHMs and athletes, all with amazing results. Finally, feel GOOD!

We’ve met thousands of women who can’t understand why their daily lives now feel like a chore. They’re overwhelmed with to-do lists, stress, relationships and work – and nothing gets better. Day after day, their spirit is eroded and happiness seems to move further and further away.

Since 2000, I’ve been deeply involved with both sides of Life Coaching: the principal side and the processing side. That is why I built Life Solutions–the company I wish I had access to as a client instead of having to piece together concepts and skills that deliver longterm results, even in just one session!

Regardless of what comes your way, step out of the box and live in triumph

Angela Bell has a unique approach to self-healing that combines neuroscience, energy psychology, and coaching skills in brilliantly simple ways that create consistent and real change in your life.

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